Personal Use…

Do you have any of these issues?

  • Virus and/or spyware
  • Laptop won’t power
  • Laptop battery won’t charge
  • My computer won’t boot to the operating system
  • My laptop screen is dim
  • I can’t connect to the Internet
  • My Apple ID is not working
  • My laptop LCD is cracked/broken
  • My computer just shuts off when I’m using it
  • My laptop hinges are broken
  • My computer freezes and/or locks up
  • The power went out and now my computer won’t turn on
  • I spilled water on my laptop and it will not turn on

These are some of the most common issues that we see and solve on a daily basis.  Just because you only use your computer for surfing the internet, email, music, photos, facebook, and other non-business related use doesn’t make you less important to us.  Our mission of bridging the gap between people and technology was originally created with you in mind.  We know you can’t stand the thought of being without your computer for any length of time and we do our best to take care of you as quickly as possible.

We also encourage our personal computer users to enroll in our Preventative Maintenance (teeth cleaning for your computer!)