Preventative Maintenance – A teeth cleaning for your computer!

Cavities and Root Canals are painful and expensive, so we get our teeth cleaned every six months.  Computer repairs can be just as expensive and sometimes just as painful, especially if you lose all your email, photos, and financial data. It also can take several days to diagnose and repair the problem, could you go that long without your computer?  At Computer Solutions we believe if we see your computer every six months we can detect and prevent most computer crashes and save your data from loss.

During your pre-scheduled appointment we will:

• Run diagnostics on your computer’s hardware (hard drive, memory, main logic-board/motherboard, video card, power supply, etc.)

• Update your Operating system with critical updates and security patches

• Validate your antivirus protection and do a quick scan for malware that may have gone undetected*

• Blow out dust and debris from the case

• Hard disk optimization and permissions verification

• Perform a general well-being check to make sure things are running as they should be

• Verify the status of your data backups

• Warn you of any issues we think need to be taken care of and provide you with options for doing so

We encourage both PC and Mac users, desktop or laptop users, home or business users to schedule a preventative maintenance appointment.

Call us at 594-5556 to schedule your appointment!


*Please Note: If we find virus/spyware with our initial scan there may be an additional charge to remove infections. We will inform you of any additional cost prior to doing so.