Frequently Asked Questions…

Q: Do you sell computers?

A: Yes.  Our approach to selling computers is a little different than other places in the area.  First, we don’t stock computers at the shop.  Ever been to a computer repair shop where they told you “Your machine isn’t worth fixing… however I have this brand new XYZ machine over here for just $599.”  Our experience tells us that sometimes customers feel like those places are just trying to sell them something.  Other places that repair and sell computers hire repair technicians at minimum wage and pay them a sales commission.  Well if you were hired to repair computers but got more money in your pocket for selling them, what would you do?  We will special order anything you’d like, PC or Mac, Laptop or Desktop.  We want the focus of your experience with us to be on your best interests, not on whether or not we need to sell inventory that’s been sitting in the shop too long.

Q: Do you custom build computers?

A: No.  We used to.  The fact of the matter is that all computer hardware is standardized, so any 12 year old kid can do a little research and put a bunch of parts together to build a computer.  The reality is, we’re great at solving problems and repairing computers.  To be truly good at building computers you need a facility that supports testing machines you’re building and looking for incompatibilities that might not be present at the time of construction.  To be REALLY good, you also need relationships with the hardware manufacturers to be sure that you can produce a machine that you are proud to put your logo on, and willing to warranty for a number of years after the sale.  For some really good insight about common custom built computer myths, read our Custom Built Computer Myths page.

Q: Do you work on Apple Computers?

A: Yes.  We are the area’s ONLY Apple Authorized Service Provider.  That means we are the only place local that is authorized by Apple to handle warranty repairs for their products.  We have access to all the tools Apple provides to diagnose and repair Apple Computers that other shops claiming to repair Apple computers don’t have.  We can also get our parts directly from Apple so you can be sure the parts going into your warrantied machine are original.

Q:  Do you work on tablets and/or cell phones?

A: Not yet.  We can help connect these devices to your computer and help with some basic software issues, but we don’t take them apart.  We recognize these emerging technologies are going to continually become a part of your everyday life and are working to increase our capabilities to supporting them.  Right now the cost to have us repair these devices almost always exceeds the cost of replacing them, which means there is no value to our customers to have us attempt it at this time.

Q: Do you repair iPods?

A: No.  If you break your iPod or the battery dies or it just stops working Apple will have you bring it in to us to be sure it’s not something that can be fixed with a reset or some other quick fix, and to verify whether or not the issue is the result of accidental damage.  Then you can ship the device back to Apple and have it replaced.  The cost to do so can be found on Apple’s Repair Cost Web Page.  There are places that advertise they will repair these devices and they do so with aftermarket parts they purchase on the Internet.  To our knowledge, Apple doesn’t authorized anyone but them to repair iPods.

Q: How long will it take to get my computer repaired?

A: We have no idea.  We realize how foolish that sounds, but the reality is that even the simplest of symptoms may have an underlying cause that is not easy to detect.  Rather than just putting a band aid on the situation and having you return at a later date with the same issue, we prefer to dig deep and discover the underlying circumstances and solve the actual problem, not just treat the symptoms.  With thousands of hardware and software variables to look through, some times these things take time.  Every machine is different and as such, every problem is unique.  We work diligently, late into the night and weekends if needed, to solve the problem and get your machine back to you as quickly as possible.

Q: Is it worth repairing your computer, or should you just replace it?

A: One of the most frequently asked questions after presenting a customer with a computer diagnosis and estimate at our computer repair shop on Main Street, Rockland is “Is it worth it? Or should I just buy a new one?”  With the increase in computer sales over the past few years the retail price has dropped dramatically (yes even Apple computers have dropped in price), to the point you may frequently ask yourself whether or not you should bother repairing the machine when it has issues.  You may even talk yourself into the need for more gizawidgets and megawhoseez the new machines come with.    There are some questions you should ask yourself when pondering such an important question.  We have a whole page of these questions you can review by visiting this page.

Q: Do you work on business computers, or just personal computers?

A: We service both individuals and businesses.  For more detailed information about the services we provide, answer this question: